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5 Great Daycare Craft Projects For Toddlers

They sure grow up fast, don’t they?! As hard as it can be to believe, your little baby is quickly becoming a fully grown little person. Children become toddlers around 18 months and therefore require a more structured, classroom-style daycare center experience.

But that doesn’t mean daycare can’t still be fun! A great way to introduce your youngsters to a consistently structured day is through fun arts and crafts projects. They learn to follow instructions, exercise their minds through creativity and problem solving and further develop motor skills all without even realizing they’re learning!

At a loss for what craft projects are good for toddlers? Don’t worry, Texas Children’s Academy daycare center in Arlington has five fantastic ideas to keep your toddlers engaged and growing. Enjoy!

1. Paper Plate Animals

Cheap and fun, all you need are a few materials. Some paper plates, construction paper and safe glue will give your toddler the tools to make their favorite zoo animals. Give them crayons or paint to make them truly come alive!

2. Letter of the Week

A neat way to combine a fun craft with reinforcing important learning, teach your little one the alphabet and phonics by creating a picture of whatever word they choose for that specific letter.

3. Painted Pasta Necklace

A true classic here. Round up some rigatoni noodles and let your child have at coloring them how they see fit! Once they’re done, slide the noodles onto a length of string for a craft they can wear feeling proud they made it all by themselves.

4. Egg Carton Snails

Instead of letting your empty egg cartons go to the trash, keep the carton and get some pipe cleaner and googly eyes. Then have your toddler paint the single egg carton as the shell and glue the googly eyes on the pipe cleaner for a cute, crawly critter!

5. Cotton Ball Caterpillar

Take cotton balls and have your kid dip them into safe watercolor paint and watch as they soak up their favorite color. Then glue the cotton balls in the shape of a happy caterpillar on construction paper, where they can draw an environment for their new friend to live in, add some googly eyes, and you’re set!

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We understand just how precious your child is. Trust us, we love them too! Toddlers need to explore the world around them and experience mental development and social skills at a daycare center that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Maybe arts and crafts projects seem silly at first glance, but they truly can push your child’s mind forward while doing so with a positive experience. Our Watch Me Grow live video webcams allow you to check in on your child’s class progress through a secure login anytime during the day. You can see how they spend their time even when you’re away from your kid!

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