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Daycare vs. Nanny – Part 1

Most parents would gladly stay home and care for their children, but our modern world has realities, and parents have to work. If you find yourself needing to find someone else to care for your child while you work, daycare can be a fantastic option. It isn’t the only option you have; parents also invest in nannies. In today’s blog, we want to consider why a daycare can be better for your child than a nanny.

Daycare Advantage: Heavy regulations

Learning a child hasn’t been cared for properly by trusted people is every parent’s nightmare. Daycare centers give much less cause for worry than a nanny does, because daycares are required to meet state regulations – and there are a lot of regulations. They apply to sanitation, safety, staff, space, and beyond. Staff are required to have a certain level of education and to continue to learn. This being said, don’t assume every daycare center is adhering to regulation. Get proof.

Daycare Consideration: Group conditions

Where your child would have the full attention of a nanny, he or she won’t have constant one-on-one attention in a daycare center. There will be other children, and their behavior and development can end up affecting your child. If you are concerned about your child’s ability to thrive in a group environment, learn more about your chosen daycare and stay in communication with the staff so you can monitor how things are going.

Finding a great fit when it comes to childcare can feel like a daunting task, but you have allies in Arlington. Turn to our world-class child care center today and let us help. Your little one deserves it!

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