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Daycare vs. Nanny – Part 2

Many people assume that a nanny is superior to daycare, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on your child’s needs, a daycare can be far better than a nanny. In our last blog, we discussed how daycares have massive resources at their disposal, but considering your schedule is an important step before making your choice. Today, we have another advantage of daycare and something to consider before moving forward.

Daycare Advantage: Social skills

A child in a daycare center will obviously be around a bunch of other children. That’s not to say that a child under nanny care won’t meet other children, but the child in daycare will have much greater exposure. The benefits of this are numerous. Not only will your child have friends, but he or she is also more likely to be comfortable and bold around other children, enabling him or her to thrive when preschool starts.

Daycare Consideration: Sick policies

A good daycare will have strict policies around sickness, which means you may end up staying home to care for your little one when he or she is sick. It means you may get called out of work or have to arrange last-minute care. If this will put too much of a strain on your daily life, a nanny may be the better option for you.

Finding a great daycare is absolutely essential, and when you visit Texas Children’s Academy, you’ll know that you’ve found the best. Contact us to learn more about our world-class programs and make an appointment to visit today!