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Four Things to Do With Your Kids This Holiday

If you have little ones in  the school system, you will have them home for two weeks soon! This is a wonderful time to do things with your kids that you don’t have opportunities to do otherwise. In this blog, we will give you some ideas for what to do with your kiddo(s) over their holiday break!

  1. Draw on the walls
    • Use large pieces of butcher paper or the back of leftover wrapping paper. Stick the paper on your nearest empty wall with painter’s tape. You can also stick it to the floor,  a table – anywhere! Create a town, a ship – anything your kids can imagine. You can even try to draw the world!
  2. Have a “thon”
    • Take the things your kids love to to and turn them into “thon”s. You can say “We are going to have a _______-a-thon to see how many ______ we can make in one morning/afternoon/day.” If your kiddos have trouble paying attention, turn it into a triathlon with three events.
  3. Cook together
    • This one can give people pause, because it can get messy depending on the child! Make it fun by letting everyone choose a food or try a new ethnic food. The adventure is what makes this activity worthwhile.
  4. Declutter for the New Year
    • After kids get new toys, it can make sense to them to sort through their current toys and clear out the ones they don’t play with. Getting new storage pieces can actually be very exciting for kids. Play it by ear and see what they think!

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