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Got the Back to School Blues?

Back to school time can be tough on you and your child. You’ve had just enough time to get used to your summertime routine when it’s all over. Here are a few tips to help you moms and dads cope with your back-to-school blues.

#1 Get back to your routine.

The kids aren’t the only ones who are adjusting to a new routine. When their summer vacation started, your schedule got thrown out the window. Are we right? Did you stop your regular workout routine, did your work routine become anything but, or did you start depending a bit too much on fast, not-to-healthy food? Time to get things back in order. Make yourself a schedule that includes all of the things that are going to make you feel better, including exercise and eating well. You aren’t a bad parent because you aren’t spending every second pining away for your children when they go back to school. Focus on yourself for a while.

#2 Engage with your kids about their school day.

If your kids know you’re interested and enthusiastic, they’re more likely to be more engaged. And, if they’re excited about school that’s going to take a lot of pressure off of you to play bad-cop. Don’t ask questions that are likely to solicit one-word answers like, “how was your day?” Engage in meaningful ways. Is your child at a brand new school? Talk to them about what’s different, new, and weird about their new school. Have they just graduated from daycare to Pre-K? If so, then you’re going to have a lot to talk about!

#3 Have some time.

This goes for moms and dads. Whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and centered, do more of it. Whether it is meditating for 20-minutes or getting a pedicure. Do it. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to handle any school-year drama.


Whatever you do during the back-to-school season, remember that your little ones at Texas Children’s Academy are in good, loving hands. Their minds are being challenged, and their hearts are being filled. If you are interested in learning more about enrolling your child, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!