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How to Turn Your Child’s Anxiety Around – Part 2

Everyone experiences anxiety. It has nothing to do with character, strength, or courage. However, it is difficult to cope with, especially when there is no identifiable cause. If your child experiences anxiety, it can be very distressing.  At our daycare center, we deal with anxiety in children, and we have simple tools that work.

In our last blog, we shared two of the tools you have at your disposal. Today, we have two more strategies for you.

  1. Explain what anxiety is and what it feels like
    • Anxiety comes from the part of your mind that keeps you safe. It helps you by recognizing threats and making you want to getaway.
    • Without anxiety, we would have a hard time avoiding things that can hurt us. So actually, anxiety is a friend. It’s like a superhero who guards us.
    • The superhero gives us extra energy to get away from a threat. If there is no actual threat, we have to find a way to use the extra energy.
  2. Give the anxiety a name
    • Once your child recognizes that their anxiety is a hero, give the anxiety a name and ask what this character looks like.
    • If the anxiety has a face and a name, it isn’t as threatening anymore. From there, it is possible to start a conversation about who is in charge – your child or the superhero. When your child feels in charge, there’s a much better chance of things improving.

When your child gets anxious, you have many great tools at your disposal. At the Texas Children’s Academy, we are dedicated to providing the very best care in Arlington. Let us partner with you in raising your child to be confident and happy. Call today!