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How to Wake Up a Cranky Child Part 1

Mornings are often the most challenging part of the day. There is so much to be done! If you have a little one who is not a morning person, getting him or her out of bed can be a battle that gives the day a sour beginning. We can usually tell who has had a difficult morning when kids are dropped off at our infant through the pre-kindergarten facility in Arlington.

It doesn’t matter what your age is: nobody wants to start the day off badly. That is why we are going to use the next four blogs to discuss eight tips for waking up your little one.

  • Is your child getting enough sleep?
    • This one may seem obvious, but it’s at the core of many cranky kids’ morning issues. As a whole, children do not get enough sleep.
    • Your toddler needs 12 hours of sleep each night.
    • Your preschooler needs as many as 13 hours of sleep each night.
  • Get organized
    • If you are late, you end up rushing your kids, which means instant crankiness and no leeway for emergencies. It’s good to be up at least an hour before your little ones.
    • Making lunches and laying out clothes before everyone goes to sleep will make a huge difference in your morning!

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