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How to Wake Up a Cranky Child Part 2

Are you a morning person? Is your toddler or infant a morning person? Life would be easier if we all were morning people! Unfortunately, this is not the case, which can make mornings very difficult. When you’re trying to get everything and everyone ready for a full day, waking up a cranky little one can make mornings something to dread.

In our last blog, we discussed some great tips for waking up your cranky little one. We know that the more options you have, the better your chances are for finding something that works, so we have two more tips for you!

  • Start a friendly competition
    • Kids are naturally competitive. Tap into their competitiveness to keep them focused on a prize rather than how icky it feels to be waking up.
    • If you have only one child, reward him or her for getting up quickly. If you have multiple kids, offer prizes like listening to a favorite song in the car.
  • Be cheerful
    • This may seem obvious and cliche, but being lighthearted in the morning goes a long way.
    • Even if your child cries or screams, respond with equal affection and praise.

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