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Pre-K Daycare and Other Arlington Resources for Newcomers


Are you new to Arlington? Welcome! We’re happy to have you here. It’s a great place to live.

If you’re looking for infant daycare, toddler or pre-k programs, or before and after school programs, Texas Children’s Academy has you covered. Just give us a call. But if you’re new to town, you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your mind as well. So, we’ve pulled together some resources for you here. We hope they are helpful. And, we hope we’ll see you soon!

The City of Arlington’s website is a great place for you to start searching for information about your new town. From household services to schools and ways to get involved with your new community, you’ll find it all here.

If you’re pretty well settled in and are starting to look for fun things to do in Arlington, start here, with this list of Arlington area restaurants where kids eat free!

What do you think so far? We told you, Texas Children’s Academy has you covered! Here’s some more for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about registering a vehicle or a boat in Arlington, updating your out-of-state driver’s license, or getting a marriage license.

Need to turn on your new utilities? Here’s where you’ll find all of the details about who to call and how to get everything up and running.

If you’re ready for an adults-only parent’s night out in Arlington, we’ve got a list for you. Check out these supervised kid’s activities and programs where your kids can have a great time while you’re enjoying some alone time.

We hope this list is helpful. Our team is full of helpful tips and information, so when you come for a visit, don’t hesitate to ask any questions about your new hometown. We’re happy to help, and we look forward to seeing you soon!