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Prepare Your Children For School With Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

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Our pre K program is focused on providing your child with a solid grounding in the skills needed for kindergarten, including critical thinking, problem solving, socialization, relationship building, language and movement.

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Safe and nurturing classroom-style daycare environment

Follows an age-appropriate curriculum in preparation for kindergarten

Caring, patient, and engaging teachers

Establishes a strong foundation of learning, development and nurturing care

Watch Me Grow webcams in every classroom

Daily communication with parents

Prepares children socially and academically for school

Daycare Designed To Prepare Your Preschooler For The Classroom

Children aged 3-4 are quickly developing and learning. They have a positive environment in which to grow. By providing the right tools and giving them a structured classroom-style daycare environment that is still safe and nurturing, we help your children grow in self-confidence. When the time comes, they feel prepared for a kindergarten class.

Pre-K Daycare In Arlington

We run our Pre-Kindergarten daycare classrooms with an age-appropriate curriculum, allowing our preschoolers to thrive under the structure of a scheduled daily routine that meets every child at their unique level. By focusing on all the most important elements of a kindergarten classroom, we can guide each child in six key areas:

  • Cognitive Development: Gaining objective knowledge in a variety of subjects
  • Language and Literacy Development: Learning to voice their needs, feelings, and wants effectively, as well as writing, early reading, and phonics skills.
  • Creative Expression: Nurturing their sense of art, building, and other creative forms of expression.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Learning to make new friends, understand other children, and play cooperatively.
  • Physical Development and Wellness: Developing a love for active play, gross motor skills, and coordination.
  • Executive Function: Developing the ability to control impulses

This classroom-style daycare program builds smoothly from our Toddlers & Twos program, building a strong foundation of learning, development, and nurturing care. In this way, we can prepare each child for an elementary school in a way that generates confidence and a love for learning, discovering, and enriching life.

Our Arlington daycare curriculum is uniquely created to cater to the needs of each child to reach his or her full potential. We believe that it isn’t enough to simply teach, but a true educator desires to enrich and nurture each child throughout the day. Please feel free to contact us today with all of your questions or concerns! A Texas Children’s Academy Daycare staff member is always available to talk with you about how best to fill the needs of your child, because our goal is service—for you, for your family, and most especially for your preschooler.