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Questions to Ask Potential Daycare Centers – Part 2

When you hire a daycare provider, you’ve added a significant player to your team. The daycare staff will play a big role in raising your child, and you need to be able to trust them. The best way to identify a good childcare provider is by asking effective questions. If you ask each provider the same questions, you can compare their answers, which makes choosing that much easier.

In our last blog, we shared two great questions to ask a prospective childcare staff. Today, we have two more questions for you to add to your arsenal!

What is your daily schedule?

You’ll be apart from your child most of the day, and that can be very difficult. Knowing what your child is doing can help when you miss him or her. Most childcare centers (including ours) happily provide detailed schedules for each day. You will know when your child is taking a nap, learning something, or enjoying a snack.

What is the traffic like in your location during pick-up times?

Most of us have strict schedules. Though you can drive past the facility to check it out, you can’t know if it’s a rush-hour disaster every day or not. You will want a facility that isn’t too difficult to access, especially if you have to get in and out quickly. go ahead and ask what the traffic looks like on a day-to-day basis.

The Texas Children’s Academy is proud to offer Arlington world-class daycare services that are trustworthy and compassionate. Add our daycare center to your family’s team today!