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Questions to Ask Potential Daycare Centers – Part 3

Making sure your child is well taken care of while you’re at work can be a stressful process. There are many daycare centers ready to take your money, but will they give your child the care he or she needs? How can you tell?

As we said in our last blog, asking good questions is the best way to find the best daycare center for your child. We are providing questions that will give you the most revealing answers. Ask each of your choices the same questions and compare their answers. We guarantee the best possible choices will quickly rise to the surface.

Do you complete background checks on all of your employees?

This is an interesting question. First of all, it is absolutely essential that the daycare screen each and every person who will have contact with your child. The thing is, all daycare facilities know this. They will all tell you that they conduct background checks. Therefore, you need to ask if their checks are state or national. Ask how often they run the checks. Watch carefully. As long as you are comfortable with what they say (and how they say it), you should be good.

Are there certain dates when you close?

You don’t want to be taken by surprise! Find out if the childcare center closes entirely over holidays or arranges for care for an extra cost. To make a long story short, make sure the center will be open in the times of year you need care.

When it comes to pre-kindergarten care, nobody provides it better than the Texas Children’s Academy. Contact us with your questions today!

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