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Questions to Ask Potential Daycare Centers – Part 5

At the Texas Children’s Academy, we understand that finding a great care provider will give you peace of mind during the day. The best way to assess any daycare facility is to visit it in person and ask the staff effective questions. If you repeat the process at multiple daycare centers, you will be able to compare them and make a confident decision. In our last few blogs, we shared some valuable questions to ask potential daycare providers. We’re going to finish up this series today.

How do you handle security and safety?

You should evaluate this key element to any daycare provider by assessing the facility yourself and then asking questions. Do people have to check-in and out of the facility? Does the front door lock? Are the rooms comfortably lit and ventilated? Do they sanitize the toys regularly? Do you feel comfortable trusting your child to the facility?

What is the discipline policy?

Every parent handles discipline differently, and it’s one of the most sensitive topics there is. Make sure you take the time to understand exactly how they discipline children and what is allowed or not. A good facility will have a printout of their policies, so make sure you review it and ask questions.

The Texas Children’s Academy is proud to partner with Arlington parents. We take our child care responsibilities very seriously and understand the importance of transparency and excellence. Make sure your child has a world-class place to thrive when you enroll them in our child care center!