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Surviving Baby’s First Day of Daycare

Our best advice to parents, especially first-time parents, who are getting ready to drop their baby off for their first day of daycare, is to visit our daycare with your baby in advance. Spend a day with us, see how much your baby loves it here, and let your mind rest easy that your little one is in good hands when they can’t be with you.

You can also make that first day easier by preparing a little bit in advance. You can drop off your baby’s personal items the day before their first day at daycare. That first morning is bound to be pretty hectic, and if you don’t have to worry about having forgotten something, it’ll be a big help.

Don’t prolong the pain. Saying goodbye can be really hard, but prolonging it can just make it harder on you and your little one. If they sense you are upset, they are going to be upset, and then everyone’s crying. We don’t want that. A little crying is normal, but if you can show your baby that you are happy and confident, they’ll pick up on that, and once you head out the door, they’ll be much quicker to put a smile on their face.
Check-in. Don’t worry about calling to check in during those first few critical days. It’ll make you feel better so that you can focus on work and on getting to pick up your baby at the end of your day. Focusing on reuniting at the end of the day is a great way to overcome the first day of daycare blues. Your child will be smiling and happy to see you at the end of the day. That, more than anything, is going to make you feel good about the care they are getting.

Finally, have faith in your daycare provider. If you have chosen Texas Children’s Academy, it is because you are confident that we will love and care for your little one better than anyone, with the exception of their parents.

If you are searching for a daycare provider for your infant or toddler, give us a call. Let’s talk about how we can help make your transition as positive as possible for you and your child.