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Surviving Holiday Breaks With Young Kids

Home for the Holidays

When school is out, the kids are able to spend their days relaxing and being nice and quiet, right? Maybe in a perfect world. We know that the holidays and school breaks can be stressful when your kids aren’t in class, but it’s totally possible to enjoy these days and not go nuts in the process! Here are some helpful tips to surviving the holiday seasons when your kids are dependent on you for their entertainment and they’re not in childcare for the day.

  • It is your job to set the tone for the day. You know that your kids are always watching you, reading your emotions, and responding accordingly. If you’re grumpy, they’ll be grumpy. If you’re enthusiastic, they’ll be much more enthusiastic themselves! Remember, you’re the adult in this situation. Lead by example!
  • Rein in unrealistic expectations. Some parents may be in a place where they can afford extravagance and do tons of activities outside of the home. However, you may also have limited resources, so set the expectations realistically. Get the kids excited about a quiet day at home reading, watching movies, or doing arts and crafts. These are inexpensive alternatives to big-budget activities. You’re looking for quality time, not expensive time.
  • Call in reinforcements! If the kids are making the house into a barnyard, give grandma a call, or if you have family friends, invite them over to help entertain. It’s unrealistic to think that you can handle all of the cooking, cleaning, and entertaining all at the same time! Don’t be afraid to call in backup. 
  • Have a plan! It doesn’t need to be a crazy detailed plan, but having a simple plan over no plan at all is a much better idea. Let your kids know that today is park day, or ice cream day, or that you’re going over to cousin Jimmy’s today. Giving kids something to look forward to will help keep their cabin fever at bay.
  • Fudge the rules just a bit. It’s the holidays after all! Be lax with bedtime when the kids want to watch one last holiday favorite movie. Enjoy these sweet moments while they’re here. You’ll be thanking yourself!