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Teaching Your Child to Share

Sharing is a difficult concept to teach a child, it is even difficult for some adults to grasp! Unfortunately, sharing, or the lack thereof, is something that causes many arguments and fights in the kid world, so it is very important to try to teach our children. But how do you teach sharing to a toddler that just doesn’t understand? The following list of tips from our child care center in Arlington, TX will help:

  • Be an example- Kids are very impressionable, and they will follow the example that they have been given. When you are generous with your child, your friends, and your family members, your child will be much more likely to be generous with their peers. 
  • Make it a game- Young children learn through all kinds of methods, but playing is one that they can wrap their heads around. Give your child cookies, toys, blocks, etc., and ask them to share with everyone in the house. Reward their sharing with a big smile and a thank you –the idea is to convey the message that sharing with others brings joy and is a positive thing!
  • Taking turns- Kids can be very possessive, and when you are possessive over something, the last thing that you want to do is relinquish it to someone else for good. So rather than just giving their favorite toy to someone else, teach them how to take turns and play together. Not only will this teach them to share, but it will also help them to make a new friend!