Other than seeing the children at Texas Children’s Academy Daycare thrive and grow over the years, nothing makes us more proud than hearing what parents have to say about child care services. We know that choosing a daycare provider for your child — whatever their age — is difficult, and we are thankful for your ongoing confidence in us.

Rebecca H Says

You should take your children to Texas Children’s Academy because of the love and care they show your child every day. I absolutely love them. All the teachers, even if they’re not in the room with my child, know her name. The director is so personable. She’s just the nicest lady. The cameras are excellent. When I’m missing her I can login and see what’s going on. I know what’s happening with my child and it really is great for your peace of mind.

-Rebecca H

Kem E Says

My niece actually referred me to Texas Children’s Academy because I was at a point where I was ready to just give up, Thinking about maybe leaving my job because I couldn’t find care for my baby. Once I went in and looked around and spoke with the staff, I made my decision right there on the spot. The staff there, they just make you feel really comfortable. It’s like family.

-Kem E

Crystal E Says

You should take your children to Texas Children’s Academy because it’s a family-safe, loving environment as well as a great program with academics for the children where they can learn and grow both socially, academically, and emotionally.

-Crystal E

Erin H Says

My son has been attending since February in the preschool program. They did an excellent job preparing him for Kindergarten. I am a single mom working 60hrs/week and I am very comfortable with Texas Children’s being his before and after school spot. He has made many friends and he enjoys going. The staff is great. The kids and the staff are like family to us. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful place to go. Thank you to the amazing Director and the entire staff!

-Erin H

Jaime Says

We just started in the infant room and the teachers really make me feel comfortable about leaving my daughter there.


Melissa K Says

Very clean. Friendly staff. Staff is very receptive.

-Melissa K

Carrie A Says

Reasonable rates. Wonderful staff and great management. I feel like my child is in good hands every day and I do not have anything to worry about while he is at day care. The staff is caring and loving with my child. I would recommend Texas Children’s Academy to anyone.

-Carrie A

Mo H Says

What can I say??? Texas Children’s Academy is the best around. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been attending the school since she was 6 months. We were at Texas Children’s Academy before the new management. My husband and I decided to stick it out instead of move our daughter. That was THE best decision. The new director didn’t have to persuade us. She just simply asked us to give her a chance. And guess what? We did. We hung in there and it was so well worth it. You trust a daycare with your child’s life, learning, and safety. Texas Children’s Academy has not failed us yet. We are thankful for the teachers, the healthy foods prepared, the learning stations, the playing stations and most importantly the owner. She has a vision like none other and my husband and I respect that. Change does not happen overnight but the change that has occurred in the last 7 months has been positively wonderful. My daughter can count to 30, knows her first and last name, knows her parents’ names, knows what state she lives, knows her age, knows reading strategies (before and after sequence), knows her colors, alphabets and everything in between!! We are very proud to call Texas Children’s Academy our daughter’s school.

-Mo H

Shannon F Says

Moving my kids to this daycare was the best thing I could have done. They have been so caring and wonderful. I would definitely recommend this daycare to others.

-Shannon F