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Exploration, Discovery, and Learning for Your Toddler!

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Children aged 18 through 30 months will be sure to enjoy our toddler child care program. Toddlers are typically active, learning, and busy — easily engaged and eager to explore and discover the world around them, making our toddler daycare the perfect environment for them! Contact us to schedule a tour!

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Structured classroom-style daycare atmosphere

Individualized and group engagement

Caring, patient, and engaging teachers

Curriculum promotes mental and physical development

Integrated Watch Me Grow classroom webcams

Daily communication with parents

Choose An Arlington Daycare Center That Grows With Your Child.

Your baby is not a baby anymore. After they have reached 18 months, they need a more structured, classroom-style daycare atmosphere, which is exactly what we provide in our “Toddlers & Twos” child care.

Learning should be fun; we understand that children discover best with hands-on experiences, and laying this educational foundation early in daycare will greatly benefit your child as they grow into preschool and beyond. Our professional daycare teachers work hard to design every program to help your child developmentally as well as physically, combining the best of playtime, nurturing care, and learning into one inclusive curriculum that is themed every month to keep your toddler interested.

In this stage of their lives, it is important to help children build relationships with those around them, understand the cooperative play, and interact with each other in a safe environment. Our daycare programs have highly trained staff who constantly engage with their students on an individual and group level to ensure that each child is receiving the care and love needed to grow into confident, empathetic, and creative individuals.

We understand how precious your child is, and we care for them as if they were our own, which is why we offer you the gift of peace of mind — completely free of charge! Our Watch Me Grow live video webcams allow you to view your toddler’s daycare class through a secure login at any point during the day. This enables you to see how they spend their time, even when you’re away from them.

Toddlers need to explore the world around them, so it’s important to nurture their curiosity, creativity, and passion for learning in a safe, caring environment. By providing exactly that, our team at Texas Children’s Academy Daycare in Arlington can help our toddlers grow confidently and comfortably. Call us now to schedule a visit, and enroll your toddler today!