Watch Me Grow

Watching Your Child Grow Shouldn’t Stop At The Daycare Door


When it comes to your children, you never really stop worrying about them. With our Watch Me Grow Program, though, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your child all day long with a secure login to surveillance footage of your child during their scheduled classes. Learn more about Texas Children’s Academy and enroll today.

Benefits Of Our Watch Me Grow Program Include:

A secure, unique login to the surveillance footage of your child’s classroom

Peace of mind knowing how your child is doing throughout the day

Knowledge of where your child is at and what they’re doing when you’re not there

Watching Your Child Grow Shouldn’t Stop At The Daycare Door

We understand that this time with your child is precious, and that being away is difficult but unavoidable. If you could be here, you would be, which is why, at Texas Children’s Academy Daycare, you can watch your child learn, play, and grow from anywhere in the world. By investing in the Watch Me Grow live video surveillance program, we are able to provide a way for you to securely watch your children throughout the day while they are in approved common locations in our Arlington child care center.

When you sign your child up for one of our classes, you will be given a secure, unique, online login that allows you to view your child’s classroom throughout the day on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Because our focus is on providing a safe daycare environment for all of our children, this login only allows you to view your child’s daycare class through a completely secure system.

Our Watch Me Grow program is available to every parent as an additional option. We believe that it is an important part of earning your trust, and we are committed to giving you peace of mind while your children are in our care. To learn more, view the Watch Me Grow intro video below, or call us today. Give your children their best chance at success, fun, and learning, and get the peace of mind you deserve at Texas Children’s Academy Daycare. Contact us today to enroll!