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Why Your Child Behaves for Caregivers and Not for You

Do you feel like your child acts like an angel during daycare, but they do everything they can to undermine you at home? This is a common struggle that many parents deal with, and it can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. Luckily, our daycare center in Arlington, TX is here to help clear things up for you. The following is a list of possible reasons as to why your child behaves better at daycare than at home:

  • Lack of consistency and predictability – At daycare, your child follows a very specific and consistent schedule. Consistency and predictability are very important for child development, and when you have things constantly coming up at home, it can make it really difficult to stick to your schedule. Do everything you can to try to make a schedule for your child at home.
  • Lack of power – Not many parents realize it, but it is common for kids to assert themselves more when they feel powerless. At daycare, children have little jobs and responsibilities that they may not have at home. Try giving them a small job, like feeding the fish, helping with dishes, keeping their room clean, etc.
  • Lack of being heard – Kids rely on you to meet their needs, and when they feel like they aren’t being heard, it can make them lash out in many ways. With so much going on, it is not always easy to sit down and listen to your kids telling you the same story again and again, but it can go a long way to make them feel like you are really listening to them.